Sunday, 17 February 2013

New Bricks Chosen

On 5 February 2013 our Site Supervisor called to advise that due to the Floods in QLD there would be an even longer delay on our bricks than expected and that they would probably not be delivered until the end of the month.  He said we could wait for the bricks or contact our interior designer to look at a different brick.

I contacted our Interior Designer *who has been wonderful the whole way through  - I should add*.  The Manager spoke to Austral, who kindly offered us a replacement brick (which would normally be an upgrade) at no extra charge.  The replacement Brick was Metropolis Topaz (our original choice was Urban One Pepper).

We went back to Austral that weekend to look at the difference.  It is a little bit browner in colour (our original pick had more of a grey tone) but in the end Dave ended up liking the new colour more than our original and it is a brick which is the same colour the entire way through too which is good in case of chips.

I also liked that it has orange coloured speckles in the brick as I think that will tie in well with our Orange splashback in the kitchen!!

We did a few driveby's of houses who had built in that brick.  This made my decision a little bit harder because a lot of people had used an orangey/browny colour mortar which I didn't like because the whole house looked brown and a lot had either cream or brown roofs.  After seeing a lot of houses I didn't like... I eventually saw a house which used a white mortar and had cream colour tones and a grey roof like ours.  Seeing the brick with the same colour pallet as what we had chosen reassured me that it would look nice and I decided then that I was also happy with the new brick - Dave didn't need any convincing after seeing it at Austral!!

Our SS called on Friday to say that the bricks had been delivered and that hopefully the brickie will start this Tuesday or Wednesday... I don't know how long it takes to brick a house but hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have a photo of a bricked house to show you!

For now here are some photos of our new bricks!

Metropolis Topaz

Metropolis Topaz - showing colour in the shade

The wall at Austral with our Colorbond roof colour

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