Monday, 30 July 2012

Contracts and more photos of our land

Well we received our Contracts - looks like a lot of reading but I'm excited that we will soon be in Council!!

Here are some more photos of our land as promised...

So as you can see we need to put a fence in between our block and the next door neighbours and then remove all the sheds etc. before building commences. Where the white fence is up the back is where the pool is and behind that is another shed.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Our Land

I have some photos of the actual land but not on this computer so here is a teaser :-)

Colours Colours Colours

 Above are the Kitchen Colours we have chosen:-

1. Panna Cotta Benchtop
2. Rocco Lini Finegrain for the bottom cupboards;
3. Malt Sheen for the top cupboards; and
4. Orange "Bright Delight" splashback.

Orange is my Favourite colour so this was a little win for me!!!

Our aim was to choose really neutral colours and add splashes of orange throughout the house!

For the Outside we chose:-
1. Urban One Pepper coloured bricks with off-white ironed mortar
2. Woodland Grey Colorbond steel roof with classic cream Fascia.
3. Classic Cream Garage door.
4. White Birch Window Frames;
5. Painters Mix stained front door.
6. Cladding above the door in Mission Brown

The above picture is the kitchen again but also shows the floor tiles we have chosen - on the left are the Ash coloured porcelain tiles we have chosen for the kitchen, meals/family, entry, front porch and Alfresco (which will be 600 x 600).  The other samples are the paint colours we have chosen the lighter one is for the walls "vintage white" and the darker one is for the Alchitraves and Doors "Tombstone"!!!

It is difficult to see and we forgot to take a photo but the tile to the right is for the bathroom -it will be 330 x 330 and will be for the floor and for the wall full height.  It is also an Ash colour but has a browner tone to it which matches the cupboard doors we have chosen better.  The bench in the bathroom will also be Panna Cotta but the cupboards will be lighter in the Gesso Lini (we were bad and forgot to take a photo of this one sorry)

Here is the outside again, which shows the driveway... we didn't end up going with MCJ for the driveway as it was super expensive but we are hoping to get the same colour with whoever we go with!!

We decided to get our tiles through MCJ as they had the ones we really liked and we thought it would be easier but we are going to do the carpet after handover ourselves to save a bit of money!

The other things we upgraded were:-
1. Flyscreens (they were quite reasonably priced)
2. Shower frame to Stainless Steel instead of white
3. Benchtop on the kitchen island to 40mm;
4. We added a Pull out bin where the microwave space was and will just put our microwave in the pantry;
5. We had some boxes made in the overhead kitchen cupboards so we can install downlights later.
6. Dark stained doors with translucent glass to the pantry, children's activity, ensuite and WIR.

We have now also signed off on our plans so we are just waiting for our Contracts to be drawn up.  We specifically chose a house which we didn't need to make any real changes to so the only change we made to the original plans was to add a wall between the toilet and bathroom to make the toilet separate.

All moving along very smoothly so far, but I expect that we will be in Council for a little while as we are building in an established area not an estate but I'll have all my fingers and toes crossed for when we get to that stage!!