Monday, 8 July 2013

We are In!!!

Okay I admit it - I've been very slack but that is just because we are in and now there is so much to do!!!

So Update from Last Blog Post ....

17.05.13 - Our gorgeous Orange splashback was installed - I love it so much it is such a feature
Our mirrors and shower screens were also installed.

21.05.13 - Our Floor Tiles were done  - they also look super good too... we are super happy with the floor tiles they go right through the main living area and out to the Alfresco and front porch.

11.06.13 - We attended PCI today and didn't really find too much, a few touch ups here and there.  We needed to get the bottom panel of our garage door replaced (but by the time I have gotten around to writing this blog it has already been fixed by B & D)

12.06.13 - Our private inspector came and inspected the home, he found a few more things around (again nothing major and it was all fixed before handover which we were really happy about)

21.06.13 - We got our Keys - YAY YAY YAY... we ate our first meal on the kitchen island benchtop (Red Rooster haha).

28.06.13 - We had our carpet installed after handover.

29.06.13 - We moved in - It was pouring with rain so only really got to move in our bedroom stuff this weekend

6 and 7 July 2013 - we have finally moved the rest of our items in but have not yet unpacked everything.

We have ordered a lounge but it hasn't come in yet'

Our drive way is getting done next week hopefully and then we can get stuck into doing the grass and retaining walls/letterbox and clothesline.

Here are some photos.... There will be more to come over time.

The Beautiful Hamper from McDonald Jones

Love my Splashback

Yay our keys

The Front with our Up and Down Pillar lights (eventually we will hopefully get stacked stones on the pillars)

Main Bedroom pre-carpet

We are really happy with the house and the work done by Mcdonald Jones.  Our Client Liaison Officer Suzz was fantastic as was our Site Superviser Dave.  They both kept us up to date and informed about what was going on and we cannot thank them enough!! It has been such a smooth build, even with the problems we had at the start with our block of land.

Now we just have to get stuck into the landscaping and unpacking and I will hopefully have some more photos to show you soon.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bathrooms and Kitchen

My SS was very kind and met me on site today as I am having some time off work.

It was so exciting to see the Bathrooms and Kitchen!!!!

So now:-

 - All wet area tiles have been done.
 - Cupboards are installed.
 - Our Benchtops are installed.
 - The painters look like they have painted the ceiling, doors and doorframes and undercoated the walls.
 - The plasterer has patched and sanded and the walls are ready for their final coats which should be  
   done in the next 2 days.
 - Our watertank is also in.

The Electrician and Plumber will be back later this week and early next week so that things like the shower frames etc will be installed.

It's all so exciting - I took lots of photos so be ready to be bombarded:-

Master Bedroom Windows



This will be our Ensuite, Walk in Robe and Pantry doors

Home Theatre

Home Theatre

Hallway Looking out to the Front


Front Door (half stained) and Hallway

Main Living Area

Kitchen (with benchtops covered)

Kitchen (with benchtops covered)

Alfresco (with pool in background)

Children's Activity Room

Children's Activity Room (The desk is covered but is the same as the bottom kitchen cupboards)


This will most likely be my Study / Fourth Bedroom





Second Bedroom

Third Bedroom

Water Tank 


I don't think I will get a chance to go back between now and PCI so I think these will be the last photos for a while but I will try to keep updating my timetable based on the updates from my SS.

Saturday, 27 April 2013


We have officially reached LOCK UP :-)

We went to the block on Anzac Day and there was our beautiful garage door - I am really happy with our choice of garage door after seeing it in person now!!!

The only sad thing is that now we are running a little blind as we can't see what is happening on the inside but our SS gives us regular updates which helps.

Current news from the SS is that the kitchen has been fitted out and the ceramic tiler has started (which I assume is for the ensuite/bathroom/laundry).

We didn't get a call from the tiler directly (as we thought we would) but I assume that is because we didn't have a feature tile in our bathrooms.

My only hope is that the grain of the tiles looks okay with the grain we chose for our cupboard doors and (after reading a few comments from other people on the homeone forum) that the grain on our kitchen cupboards lines up like it does in the display homes.

Time will tell.....

So I guess these will be my last photos for a little while until we get an opportunity to go in and see the inside of the house but I don't know when that will be at this stage.

Work still to be completed on the front facade

The entrance door needs to be stained dark brown.

The panels above the entrance also need to be painted dark brown.

After handover (which may be a long long time after handover) we are also going to tile the 2 entrance pillars with cream coloured stacker stones.

I think it will be a little while until all of our design ideas come together for the front facade but it is looking great at the moment.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Almost at Lockup

So it has been a month since I have posted anything but a lot has been happening in that time.

27 February 2013 - The majority of our brickwork had been completed (except for the window sills and the top of the 2 pillars at the front.

By the 11th of March we had our gutters and fascias done and half our roof was on.

On 15 March 2013 the entire roof was up and the Brickwork was pretty much completed.

On 20 March 2013 our electrician completed the electrical rough in and we did a walk through with our SS on 21 March 2013.  We had an independent inspection done and only a few minor things were found.

On 25 March 2013 our Bricks were cleaned and the scaffolding was taken down.  The minor items pointed out by our independent inspection were fixed.  We have some of the panels above the pillars done but I think there is more to come.

On 27 March 2013 our wall installation had been done and gyprock had been started.

We are really happy with our new brick colour now that the bricks have been cleaned!  It is really great to see the colours you pick in the colour appointment come to life.

27 February 2013

11 March 2013 - Half a Roof


Outlook from the Master Bedroom

Home Theatre windows (I really love these)

Shower recess in the ensuite

TV alcove in the main living area


Slab for the Water Tank