Saturday, 27 April 2013


We have officially reached LOCK UP :-)

We went to the block on Anzac Day and there was our beautiful garage door - I am really happy with our choice of garage door after seeing it in person now!!!

The only sad thing is that now we are running a little blind as we can't see what is happening on the inside but our SS gives us regular updates which helps.

Current news from the SS is that the kitchen has been fitted out and the ceramic tiler has started (which I assume is for the ensuite/bathroom/laundry).

We didn't get a call from the tiler directly (as we thought we would) but I assume that is because we didn't have a feature tile in our bathrooms.

My only hope is that the grain of the tiles looks okay with the grain we chose for our cupboard doors and (after reading a few comments from other people on the homeone forum) that the grain on our kitchen cupboards lines up like it does in the display homes.

Time will tell.....

So I guess these will be my last photos for a little while until we get an opportunity to go in and see the inside of the house but I don't know when that will be at this stage.

Work still to be completed on the front facade

The entrance door needs to be stained dark brown.

The panels above the entrance also need to be painted dark brown.

After handover (which may be a long long time after handover) we are also going to tile the 2 entrance pillars with cream coloured stacker stones.

I think it will be a little while until all of our design ideas come together for the front facade but it is looking great at the moment.