Wednesday, 16 January 2013

We are underway

After our site was cut on 26 November 2012 there were a few issues with our block of land which were found and which caused us some delays:-

1. Our Neighbours sewerage pipes were connected into our junction and they did not have a junction on their block of land at all... so after a lot of telephone calls to and from Sydney Water, we were able to get Sydney Water to put in some new pipes and a connection for our block of land and for our Neighbours.

2. During excavation our other neighbours telstra cable was dug up as it was crossing right across our block of land into the pit in our front yard.  This took even more calls back and forth from Telstra but finally the cable was removed.  It still goes across where our driveway will eventually be though so we have to make sure we are careful when we get to that point.

3. Our Water Main pipes are on the other side of the road so we needed to organise a plumber to drill and connect our water and this was done in August 2012, however it appears after they did all this they didn't turn on the valve which is about 1.5 metres in the ground and re-filled the hole with dirt so we needed to re-dig this hole to turn on the valve and get an extra bit of work done to bring the connection above ground.

4. During excavation our site supervisor also found some asbestos, which appears to have been used around the garden beds, so we needed to get someone in to remove all the asbestos.

But after all this we are now back on track!!!

On 14 January 2013 our piers were drilled and we came under allowance - Woohoo!!!  So our pods etc are being set up and our slab is due to be poured on Friday 18 January.  So I hope to be able to post some more photos after this weekend but here are some photos I took of the piers being drilled... very interesting haha!!

Piers Drilled 14.01.2013

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