Thursday, 4 October 2012

We have Council Approval - YAY!!!!

We had a little hold up in Council as we had to have an external consultant make submissions on our behalf as we did not have 50% private outdoor space in accordance with Council's requirements as the Water in our pool does not count!!  It cost a little bit to do but was well worth it as we heard today that Council have approved our Development Application  - which took just under 7 weeks in total.

McDonald Jones will now apply for our Construction Certificate and then we should almost be ready to commence Construction!!!

We were working on our block of land last week getting it ready for construction  - as there are a few old sheds, concrete slabs and gardens we need to remove and we have knocked down the retaining wall for the pool which crossed over our neighbours boundary!

When we were looking inside one of the Sheds  - Dave found a baby brown snake which he had to kill with his shovel!! I am a little concerned about where his mother is but hopefully we don't find her!!  I am hoping that once the builders start there will be too much activity around for any snakes to want to stay around!!

We have also completed our Electrical Appointment and surprisingly we came in under budget - woohoo!!  We have chosen all the basics we will need but will be looking at doing things like our downlights after handover.  I was very excited because I was able to get my up/down lights on our two from pillars which I love because we came in under out budget!!

While we were doing our electrical appointment I also took a photo of the colour selections we had chosen for our bathroom which we had forgotten to take last time so here it is:-

Hopefully the next time I write it will be to add a photo of work commencing!!!

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  1. Hi guys,

    Firstly just wondering how I can follow your blog as I can't find the button to "follow this blog".

    Secondly, was wondering if you could give me an idea as to what MJH go through in the electrical appt. We have ours on 18th Jan. We are building the Milano 4 15m at Stonecutters Ridge, Colebee.

    I dont have a budget as yet, as I have no idea what the costs are likely to be. Was wondering if you could give me a rough guide. PM if you wish. My email is