Saturday, 21 April 2012


Welcome to our first Blog!!

We are Nic and Dave - we were married in July last year and we have just purchased a block of land in Emu Heights (near Penrith) in NSW. It is just under 700 sqm and already has a pool as it was previously used as the neighbours backyard!

I have really enjoyed reading others blogs about building so thought I would start our own!!!

So where are we up to in the building process ... The very beginning.... We have looked around a couple of display homes and are now at the point of trying to narrow down the designs. We have decided to try and narrow it down to 5 or 6 companies and designs and then go and look again at the display homes and organize to get some free quotes to compare the inclusions of different companies!!

From here we are going to try and narrow it down to 2 and get fixed price tenders from both and then decide on who to go with.

The process is quite daunting and there are so many different companies and designs and reading different reviews and blogs is also making the decision harder as there are some bad reviews about all companies out there but we have decided to just go with the design we like and do our best not to have too high expectations, expect there to be some things that will go wrong and hopefully enjoy the building process!!!

Anyway that is our introduction - I hope you enjoy reading our blog... lets see where we go from here and how long it will all take!!!!

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